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Transfer Day

Personalisation: the Netflix effect on the way we choose, consume and produce our food.

The increasing personalization of products is a reality that covers more and more sectors. CNTA (National Center for Food Technology and Safety) chose this topic to see and discuss how the consumer has changed, their buying behavior, generated mainly by the digital environment, and how this affects and will affect in the food sector the way of producing, marketing and distributing, as well as research and development of new products.

I gave the presentation "Personalization in the world of food: trends, drivers and examples in retail and food service products", which was the starting point of this Transfer Day that also included the presentation of case studies by My Health Watcher, Capsa Foods, SIEMENS, Midiadia.com, Delectatec and Factic. There was also an opportunity to learn about the vision of science on personalization from Silvia García, head of R&D business development at CNTA.

Más información aquí.


ExO Masterclass. Future scenarios in the food industry.

Session oriented to approach the ExO mentality and methodology to scientists and researchers of the network.



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