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How it all began.

In 2014 I decided to combine my experience of more than 15 years in the technology sector with my passion for the world of innovation and food. Witnessing the radical changes that mobility, digitization and other technological advances are generating in some sectors, and aware of how unstoppable this wave of transformation is, I set out to discover how to respond to the challenges of health, wellness and sustainability, and thus generate opportunities and new business models. Trying to draw that future as a possible reality, but also helping to make it a reality, inspiring and preparing people and organizations to expand their horizons, break the limits and develop their full potential.
Beatriz Romanos with virtual reality glasses

Who is Beatriz Romanos?

My purpose is to achieve a healthier, more balanced and resilient conscious world.
My mission is to inspire and activate the full potential of people and organizations.
I help and accompany professionals and companies that want to be better prepared to navigate this landscape of accelerated transformation.

I understand innovation as something transversal, although in recent years I have put a special focus on the food industry. In 2014 I founded TechFood Magazine, the pioneer publication on foodtech and food innovation, recognized as a reference by companies, startups, investors and organizations in the sector.

I am the author of the book "Foodtech. La granrevolución de la industria alimentaria", a "complete guide to understand the situation of the industry and where the future is going", but above all a call to action to lead and take advantage of this change.

I have developed a nourished activity as a speaker at conferences, congresses or corporate meetings. Trends, success stories, innovation, exponentialism, propensity, impact investment... are some of the topics I deal with most frequently, along with others more specific to the foodtech sector.

But I did not want to be just a chronicler of this fascinating revolution we are living. My spirit calls me to action, to participate in first person in this change, to acquire and guide people and organizations with cutting-edge tools, methodologies and frameworks to awaken and evolve mentalities, to catalyze and accompany in this process of evolution. We need to solve some of the pressing challenges facing companies, people and the planet, and I want to do my bit.

I work with startups in mentoring processes, both individually and in initiatives such as Culinary Action! (Basque Culinary Center), Porcinnova, Techstars or Talentum ElBulliLab. I have had the honor of being recognized as one of the "50 people who are leading the future of food", in the framework of the report "Fooduristic'22" of KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub. 

I see food as a source of health, energy and pleasure, but also as an arena full of opportunities to drive economic, social and environmental sustainability. And I firmly believe that the foodtech ecosystem has a decisive role to play in making a real impact.

My interest in acquiring new skills and bringing new angles has led me to train in cutting-edge methodologies and frameworks such as ExO or Purpose Launchpad. I am part of Purpose Alliance, a global community of people whose purpose is to "empower extraordinary people". I am co-creator of the Purpose Manifesto... but this is another story...

What is TechFood Magazine?

TechFood Magazine was created to bring companies, startups, investors and organisations in the food industry up-to-date information and analysis on innovation and food tech. To inspire and help discover ideas, to be the starting point for innovative projects... To be a source of resources, to give food for thought... The first step on the road to innovation...

How do we work?

I work with a team of professionals specialised in different disciplines, to contribute to this revolution by helping companies and institutions, from our experience and knowledge, to achieve their innovation and growth objectives.

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