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Beatriz Romanos.

For a conscious, healthier, balanced and resilient world.

Photograph by Beatriz Romanos with medium flat feet

What is Food Tech.

The world is changing fast, and with it, our lifestyles and consumption preferences.
It is also changing the way we produce, consume and relate to food. And what we expect from them: nutrition, health and memorable experiences.

The TechFood was born in 2014 with the purpose of:

Discover and disseminate the keys to this wave of innovation (food innovation, food tech)

Connect and create value for the ecosystem that drives this transformation

Inspire and help companies and organisations in the food industry to decipher these keys and turn them into opportunities.
More about Beatriz
Photograph by Beatriz Romanos at a conference

How can I help you

My mission is to inspire and activate the full potential of people and organizations.
I help you to be more prepared for the future through:

Lectures, events, training

A contribution of original or inspiring content for your event on key aspects of the food tech industry or transversal concepts of innovation and business transformation. Masterclasses in advanced training centers.
Foodtech trends and food innovation
Exponential and disruptive innovation
Purpose and positive impact
Panel management and moderation
Content curation and events calendar
Photo Beatriz Romanos giving a lecture

Transformation and strategy programs.

Training and coaching programmes to inspire and empower people and organisations and drive transformation and impact projects, applying different methodologies and frameworks such as ExO, Purpose Launchpad, among others). These are some examples.
Exponential Inspiration (ExO Awake)
Co-creation of purpose
From Value Proposition to Brand Positioning
Challenge-based innovation programmes
Exponential Leadership Workshop
Photo workshop Beatriz Romanos

Consultancy and mentoring.

Customised services for entrepreneurs, startups, intrapreneurship initiatives or for acceleration and incubation programmes.
Individual mentoring
Mentoring in acceleration programmes
Structured mentoring and coaching programme (Under the Purpose Lauchpad framework)
Analysis and development of the value proposition, business model, etc.
Mentoring photo Beatriz Romanos
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