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Cover FoodTech Book Beatriz Romanos: The great revolution in the agri-food industry

The great revolution in the agri-food industry.

The first book that explains in detail what this new industry is all about and why it has become a reference for transformation, business opportunities and positive impact.

Look for it in 271 physical bookstores or in your favorite online platforms. Also in digital format and audiobook (Audible).

"Beatriz's work is fundamental to highlight and understand the development of the foodtech ecosystem and the dynamising role of our food industry. Essential reading for all operators and public and private institutions working in this sector".

Director of the Food Industry (ICEX)

"A useful, complete and enormous amount of information that the author puts in our hands. The universe of foodtech is so changing and extensive that only in a systematic, orderly and holistic way can it be made accessible to professionals in the agri-food field".


"Finally a book on foodtech! A comprehensive book to understand the current state of the industry worldwide, discover the opportunities it offers and understand where the future of food is going through numerous examples".

Estefania erro
Director of Innovation and Marketing CNTA

"We don't know what the future will look like. But we do know that huge quantities of food will need to be produced and that foodtech is there to help achieve this. This book is a must for understanding this phenomenon".

Manuel Pimentel
Founder of Almuzara Editorial. Jurist of Counsel, BakerMcKenzie
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Why a book on food tech.

Keys to a new industry that has become a benchmark for transformation, business opportunities and impact.

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1. Essential Activity

The food system provides access to nutrition for people and is a major global industry.

2. Insurmountable Challenges

Such as a rapidly growing population and changing eating habits, which is driving up the amount of resources needed to meet this demand, as well as its impact on the health of people and the planet.

3. Technological Revolution

The explosion and convergence of digital, physical and biological technologies are transforming the world in a revolution unlike any other in its speed, scope and impact.

What you will find in this book.

The reference guide
for professionals and the curious.

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Comprehensive overview of the foodtech concept and a detailed description of its most relevant categories.
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The technologies and biosciences with the greatest impact on this transformation.
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Examples, real cases, analysis of business models, investment trends and testimonials.
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Useful resources for professionals, startups, investors and organisations in the sector.

Let us begin the transformation.

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