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ExO Masterclass. Future scenarios in the food industry.

Session oriented to approach the ExO mentality and methodology to scientists and researchers of the network.

XIA is the food innovation tech transfer network of Catalonia formed by more than 400 specialized researchers from 13 research institutions in the country. Its mission is to promote technology transfer and disruptive innovation from collaborative agri-food research, and we offer global solutions to the complex challenges faced by the sector.

The objectives of this session are to bring the ExO (Exponential Organizations) mindset and methodology closer to the scientists and researchers of the network:

- Discover how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Date, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Nanotechnology, among others are generating profound paradigm shifts in the food industry.
- To learn about new market trends.
- To approach the new exponential business model and what attributes define it.
- To learn about specific cases from science that have generated disruption and exponentialism in the food industry.


The future of food. Disruptour 2022.

Exponential Leadership Workshop. Inspirational and collaborative work program, aimed at companies in the food industry or interested in participating in this vertical.



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