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The future of food. Disruptour 2022.

Exponential Leadership Workshop. Inspirational and collaborative work program, aimed at companies in the food industry or interested in participating in this vertical.

We are in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, led by the rise and confluence of different exponential technologies and characterized by the concepts of exponentiality and disruption, which is forcing all organizations, regardless of their industry, to evolve their business strategies to meet the needs of their customers.

business and to transform its tools, processes and people to succeed in this new horizon.

In this context, the greatest challenge lies in generating and developing this new form of exponential thinking in the leaders of an organization, so that they promote the adoption of exponential technologies, drive the adaptability of current business models and inspire new initiatives to compete effectively in a market where changes are happening faster and faster and where the future is increasingly uncertain.

The objective of this program is to delve into some of the future trends, disruptive changes and technologies that affect the food industry, as well as to become familiar with the methodologies that help the transformation as ExO, with specific national and international success stories. The program has sessions and participatory dynamics of co-creation designed and energized by certified personnel in ExO Methodology and extensive experience in innovation in various industries.


ExO Masterclass. Future scenarios in the food industry.

Session oriented to approach the ExO mentality and methodology to scientists and researchers of the network.



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